• 16-01-2022, 13:00

As reported, the international footvolley tournament ended on December 12 in Moscow, Russia. The victory was celebrated by the Italian national team in 5 seaports. Leaving all their rivals behind in an effective game, the Italians have once again proved that they are one of the best in this sport in Europe.

President of the International Footvolley Federation Vusal Khalilov also watched the match at the Leto Sports Complex in Moscow. During the tournament, the official of the international organization, who watched all the matches, also met with the head of the State Committee for Beach Sports of Russia Ilya Volodarsky. During the fruitful discussions, a preliminary agreement was reached on future cooperation, development of footvolley, joint organization, various seminars and international tournaments. At the meeting with Volodarsky, Vusal Khalilov spoke about the development of footvolley and foot tennis in Azerbaijan in a short time. He also spoke about the importance of uniting the world's organizations covering these sports under the banner of the International Footvolley Federation. Noting that the local federation has already started work on the creation and development of the sport of football in Azerbaijan, Khalilov said that they are working to organize the first competition in our country in the near future. During the visit, the head of the International Footvolley Federation, who also visited Moscow and spoke with representatives of European and South American federations, stressed that in the near future a single regulation will be developed and implemented for all competitions in the world. It should be noted that 16 teams competed in the two-day tournament in Moscow.