• 25-03-2022, 15:30

The first qualifying tournament for the World Footvolley Championship kicked off on March 24 in the Israeli city of Eilat.

In the competition, which is attended by 20 men's and 16 women's teams, it tests the strength of many well-known teams that competed in the finals of the World Cup last year.

Franklin and Hiltinho, the last world champions and the first place in the rankings, are also competing in the tournament in Eilat. Natalya and Vanessa, world champions in women's doubles, and Lana and Josefa, silver medalists, are also vying for the title.

Our country is represented in Israel by the Secretary General of the Azerbaijan Footnet Federation and the International Footvolley Federation Afgan Hamzayev.

It should be noted that the teams that took the first three places in both the women's and men's teams in the preliminary round will qualify for the World Cup in Baku in August.

The tournament will end on March 26.