• 25-04-2022, 22:30

An invitation has arrived in Azerbaijan from Brazil. In a letter addressed to the Azerbaijan Futnet Federation on behalf of the local federation of Brazil, the president of the organization and the International Footvolley Federation Vusal Khalilov, who will travel to Brazil as an honorary guest of the footvolley tournament to be held in the second largest city of Brazil, is scheduled to meet with world-famous former Brazilian football stars Romario and Ronaldinho. In addition to the two veteran players mentioned above, there will be roundtable discussions with world futsal star Falcao, who regularly plays in footvolley tournaments. In general, the visit to Brazil is aimed at taking advantage of the country's long-standing experience in organizing future AFNF competitions, ensuring the participation of Brazilian stars in the tournaments of the International Footvolley Federation and their participation in high-level tournaments in our country. It should be noted that the Secretary General of our federation Afgan Hamzayev and the head of our Press Department Araz Ahmadov are also leaving for