• 28-04-2022, 15:30

President of the International Footvolley Federation Vusal Khalilov, who is on a working visit to Brazil, met with the head of the Brazilian Footvolley Federation Anderson Aguia.
At the meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Khalilov, who also heads the Azerbaijan Futnet Federation, presented gifts to the Brazilian official and spoke about the growing interest in this sport in our country.
Both the president of the federation and the football star Anderson Aguia said he was very pleased with the kind treatment shown to him during his visit to Baku and the high level of organization of the local federation of Azerbaijan.

During the meeting, Aguia said that after the appointment of Vusal Khalilov as President of the International Footvolley Federation, a great way had been achieved, both in terms of structure and propaganda.
At the same time, President Vusal Khalilov spoke about the importance of organizing tournaments in a wider area to increase the prestige of the international federation. In addition, he noted the importance of attracting many former football stars of the world to football, which played an important role in the promotion of this sport.
It should be noted that the tournament, which will start tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, was one of the qualifying rounds of the World Cup in Baku.