The world-famous Brazilian footballer Romario will be the ambassador of footvolley after football.

The Brazilian, who was named the world's best footballer in 1994, agreed to do so at a meeting with World Footvolley Federation President Vusal Khalilov in Rio de Janeiro.

After informing the world champion Romario about his work to popularize footvolley in the world and expand its range, the veteran player, who is a senator in the Brazilian Congress, said that he wanted to contribute to this work.

Romario, who regularly participates in amateur footvolley competitions in Rio de Janeiro said that, after the appointment of Vusal Khalilov as president of the World Footvolley Federation, there was a serious revival in this sport and he would be very pleased to be an ambassador.

It should be noted that some time ago, the President of the World Footvolley Federation paid a working visit to Brazil and met with Romario and another world champion Bebetoy.

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